Why Us

Why Us

We believe with progressive construction technology and solutions comes the chance to contribute to the growing progressive Indian economy. This means creating many jobs directly and indirectly creating a social impact with contributions through excise duty and VAT.

For us, future vision goes beyond just that. India is in a state of fast paced urbanization. In recent times, the demand for residential projects has been steadily increasing. Also an even stronger globalized presence is creating the demand for more advanced and extensive non-residential projects. This means a growing demand for skyscrapers, modular architecture and new non-conventional building design projects.

However, the slowly declining ratio of skilled manpower and rising material costs force developers to face difficulties in finishing their projects within given time spans. Thus, for Clavecon our future foray lies in the field of prefabricated concrete and precast plants that are customized and designed to be tailor made according to the unique needs of every client’s project.

With AAC as just a small part of our journey, we are now growing towards providing end to end solution in the prefabricated market domain.


We believe with progressive construction technology and solutions